Cubicle to Fit-ish

How a wimp becomes fit(ish)

5 Thoughts on 12/26/13

  1. I don’t do well with short or broken work weeks.  My routine is all jacked up.  Next week won’t be any  better seeing as we have a half day on New Year’s Eve and then New Year’s Day off.  Hopefully, I can pull myself (and my house) together and get back on track.  I remember these things called vegetables and drinks other than Diet Coke – vaguely.
  2. I got the Fitbit Flex from B for Christmas.  I’m pretty much in love with it.  I had the Ultra, but I constantly lost it picking up Bean or playing with Remy the Dog.  The fact that the Flex syncs with my new iPhone and I don’t need to do anything fancy with it is pretty awesome, too.  I’m hoping it will motivate me to get up from my desk during the day and walk somewhere other than to get a candy bar and more Diet Coke. 
  3. Oof – I need to get back off the Diet Coke.  It’s such a bitch.
  4. Last night was the Doctor Who Christmas special.  Although the Matt Smith years ended up being a little trying plot/mythology-wise, it was a lovely ending to have him become the Doctor who waited.  Bow ties are, and always will be, cool. 
  5. My Bean is 4 months old today.  I can’t even handle it.  She’s desperately trying to sit up on her own and just leans forward with this intense look on her face whenever you put her down on her back.  She’s so focused and then, at times, so silly and babbling away in her little voice.  Best thing I’ve ever done.

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Lessons learned this week…

  1. There is a lot of prep work involved with clean eating.  Yikes.  Last night I gave up and we had tater tots for dinner.  Delicious, but not the point.  I guess maybe I need to prep everything on Sundays and just heat things up? 
  2. I actually miss the gym when I can’t run because of my stupid cut toe.  Actually, that leads me to #3. 
  3. Snakes are dangerous, even if they only attack your imagination. 
  4. Getting super stressed about promotion testing at boot camp makes me eat potato chips and a kit kat for lunch.  My stomach hates me right now.  Or, maybe my mind and willpower do.  I remember when I could live on chips and candy without a second thought….  Oh, youth is wasted on the young. 
  5. I haven’t been going to bed early enough.  I started having dreams of my alarm clock chasing me. 
  6. Even if the recipe doesn’t say to, always put some baking spray down when making pumpkin hermits…  Just look at them – they were hanging on for dear life!


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