Cubicle to Fit-ish

How a wimp becomes fit(ish)

If a tree falls in my yard, does anyone hear me stuffing my face?

AKA: Life during the Tree-pocalyspe

I need to start this off by saying how lucky I am.  I still have a house and hot water.  No one I know was hurt or killed by the hurricane. 

Hurricane Irene knocked one of my neighbor’s trees down, ripping the power and cable lines from my house.  After multiple calls, we found out that we needed a permit, an electrician and an inspection before they could even consider turning our power back on. 


Now I love my guy, but we know that a week in a dark house would end in a Thunderdome moment (2 people enter, 1 person leaves); I’m a reader.  He is NOT.  + a puppy.

So after spending Sunday night in the dark, we hightailed it to a hotel.  Now, mind you, this hotel has a kitchenette IN OUR ROOM.  And a fitness center.  And free laundry (?!).  But, I have used this week to eat my way through the fast food spectrumMcDonalds.  BK.  Chips.  Pizza…

… and I have been super sick every night!  Guess I can’t live like I was still in college anymore, can I?  Haha!  Suffice it to say, I will be quite glad to get back into a routine.  I just bought 10lb weights before the storm!  Bring it on!

And, I am super excited to clean out my fridge and start over.  For real.  New condiments.  All those hidden freezer cookies (what?  You don’t hide emergency cookie dough in your freezer?) gone.  Bring on the vegetables and fruits!  Well… after I get the smell out of my house.  At least we got someone to take all of the frozen steak tips and pork tenderloin.  I may need to disappear when everything is being thrown out.  YUCK!

So, it has been a quiet week, blog wise, with good reason.  Not much healthy going on.  However, next week is my mental health week (a staycation, really).  I plan to get back into good routines and good habits and cull out those stress points (clean out my closet, get some clothes that fit, new hair cut, etc.)…

If you had 7 days to change your life, what would you do?


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