Cubicle to Fit-ish

How a wimp becomes fit(ish)

Back to bootcamp…

I’ve never been one to exercise regularly.  I’m very good for a week, or two, but get me past a month and I’d be dumbstruck.

What’s worse is I know I am like this.  I start working out knowing that I’m going to give it up in a few weeks.  I am so good at intentions…

That all stopped when I signed up for this 2X per week MMA Bootcamp in May.  First, you had to sign a 6 month contract (DAMN – 6 months is a LONG TIME).  Second, it is pretty $$$.  Third, my idea of exercise was walking slowly on the treadmill (and hoping my boyfriend would want to leave the gym early so I could stop).  Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) thought I would give up after the first week.

And it was hard.  Like I’ve said, I am the wimpiest in the class and I struggle with the yellow medicine ball and planks like they were geometry (geometry is not my friend; neither are planks).  I sweat (not glisten – I sweat) and swear and push and wipe out doing kicks (I need to work on my balance).

But, I love it.  I like having that hour to just physically work as hard as I can and see myself getting better at things.  I sing the alphabet in my head during wall sits.  I started running at the gym to help build up my endurance so I can do better at bootcamp.  It makes me want to eat better (want being the operative word, there).

Having two weeks off, I knew last night was going to hurt.  My knees are killing me from the wall sits.  I’ve lost a few seconds off of my planks.  But being there showed me how much I missed it.  It sucked – I do not like having my kicking leg held at a 90 degree angle while I pivot with my other foot – it is not a good time for me – but it was wonderful, all at once.

I truly think for me, I need to be pushed to see how far I can go.  I am not good at pushing myself (yet) but I am getting closer to being this fit (not even fit-ish) version of me I dream about.

We’ll see how tomorrow morning goes.  Bootcamp outside is MUCH harder than bootcamp inside.  I’d better get some sunscreen!


July 15, 2011 - Posted by | boot camp, Running, Who am I?

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