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Hot Mess on a Sunday

I was a hot, hot mess this weekend.  And not in the fun “I ate and drank my way through a celebratory yada, yada, yada…”

On Friday, my mom fell and broke her femur.  She had a torn quad that was messing with her balance and has Rheumatoid Arthritis, which makes your bones weak and tripped over potted plants that she bought at a church plant sale.  It scared the holy crap out of me (and not just because it happened in front of a church).  I’ve always looked at this health journey that I am on as something I SHOULD do, but if I don’t get around to it… meh.  What is really going to happen?  And, you would think having something happen to a parent would really hit home with me and make me WANT to be much healthier.  

You would think that.  But, I gained most of my weight when my mom was hospitalized with pneumonia for the better part of 3 months in 2009.  I eat my feelings, as well as feelings I think other people should be having.  I’ve worked really hard to stop that, and I am doing so much better (30lbs down!), but the minute my mom fell, it was like “Thank God I have an excuse to have McDonald’s and bread and cookies…”  That is how my brain works. I am the queen of excuses.

BUT, instead of letting myself slide into that pit of deliciousness, I kept it in scope.  I made chocolate chip cookies, but only had 3 and got rid of the rest of them.  I still went to Bootcamp and learned how to throw elbows and a basic knee.  I made sure I got the sleep I need.  And, yes, I backslid on the Diet Coke thing, but I am officially trying to get off of it again (my stomach was SO not happy this weekend) and back on my vitamins and supplements and all that fun stuff.

 And Bootcamp went super well this weekend.  It was a Thai class on Saturday, so we worked on knees and elbows.  For some reason, I really got the elbows.  Still having trouble pivoting with the kicks.  Apparently, our first test is going to be next week.  I need to work on my planks (now that I don’t look like a drawbridge with my booty in the air during them) and my endurance. 

 Like I told my mom, we can’t change the past.  All we can do is change our actions and reactions.  So my initial reaction to her being in the hospital may have been to stuff my face; my subsequent reactions are on a better track to pull myself together and make myself stronger so I may not have to go through what she is going through in 30 years or so.


  • Monday: 60 second plank and plan meals
  • Tuesday: DVD with medicine ball (remember, a pillow is not a good medicine ball replacement…)
  • Wednesday: Jump rope and 60 second plank
  • Thursday: Bootcamp
  • Friday: Jumping jacks and 60 second plank
  • Saturday: Bootcamp
  • Sunday: Rest and plan meals

Diet Cokes This Weekend: You don’t want to know

Diet Cokes Today: 1 – and that’s all I’m having!


June 5, 2011 - Posted by | back story, boot camp, Diet Coke

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