Cubicle to Fit-ish

How a wimp becomes fit(ish)

I’m Addicted to Buying Work Out Gear

I totally bought a medicine ball today.  Last week it was a jump rope.  Hopefully, I will actually USE them, unlike the other piles of equipment/cute workout clothes I’ve spent money on.  I’m thinking of getting one of those big balance balls to do crunches on, as the ones that I do in bed during commercials seem like they don’t count as much.

I’ve read about identifying yourself as an athlete will make you feel more like an athlete and make you more likely to stick with whatever your program is.  I tried this when training for the 5K last year, but I got so sick that all I could identify with is throwing up, swelling, and hives.  I am trying to think of myself even just as someone who exercises regularly with the hope that I will feel more confident in class.

I am thinking about going back to the gym on Tuesdays to run on the treadmill.  I’ve been doing really well on the sprinting, suicides, and warm up “run around the building” jogs, and I think adding a day of just cardio would help my endurance.  We’ll see how next week goes.

I’m going to start keeping a Diet Coke count to judge my stress level.  I had given it up completely for a couple of weeks.  The cravings got so bad that I switched to one a day.  I just fear sliding back into the 10 a day/stomach hates me drama.

Diet Cokes Today: 1 – and it was delicious!


May 30, 2011 - Posted by | Diet Coke, Who am I?

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